Unblock Facbook

Unblock Facbook

The Basics to Find Work on Facebook

If you want to use Facebook to find work, first thing to do is properly set up your personal profile on this network. These tips will help you complete your basic data on Facebook, deciding what information to include or remove. The goal is that you set up a profile that reflects you as a reliable and professional person.

Choose a suitable picture for your profile

The first impression you take those found in Facebook is what you show on your profile photo. Imagine now that the next person who will see is a head of recruitment: What image are you giving?

In your photo of Facebook, you do not need to go serious with tie or staring at the camera. Simply use a picture where you look relaxed and friendly, but without falling into the other end. Do not use a photo where you are scantily clad, drinking alcohol or a little presentable attitude.




If you have no picture, you can upload a photo to Facebook that represents your personality and also serves to your friends in the network to recognize you.

If you are using a logo or image to promote your company or brand in your profile photo, you probably need to create a page on Facebook which will be much more useful for your business.

Use Private Albums

You have probably read about the dangers that brings improper posting of photos on Facebook. There are few that who have been compromised with their jobs or have had to give more of an explanation to colleagues and superiors.

If you plan to create an album with photos on Facebook, select the adequate level of privacy to the content. And if you have photo albums which you do not want to be seen by your professional contacts, you must make sure that only your group of the closest friends can see those photos.

Remember you are not obliged to share all your photos on Facebook. If you want more privacy, you can share them via email, using some online storage service or publishing them on some other website where access to your potential employers is restricted.

If you use Facebook at your existing place of work, but cannot access it due to its being blocked by the office servers, you can use a proxy site which are quite popular these days. You are recommended for such a source to unblock Facebook here.